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Is This The Best Sounding Turbocharged Supercar On The Road?

Sounds almost as good as naturally aspirated cars.

Turbocharging is something that everyone’s going to have toget used to. But not all turbocharged vehicles sound terrible. Take thisMercedes AMG GT S with an AMG performance exhaust system for example. The AMGGT S has one of the best sounding turbocharged engines on the road and theperformance exhaust system makes the engine sound even more brutal. The stock 4.0-literV8 makes an awesome sound, but the performance exhaust delivers a sensational soundtrack.

Is the AMG GT S with a performance exhaust the best soundingcar on the market today? If other automakers plan to make its turbocharged carssound as good as the AMG GT S, then the future of engine soundtracks looks promising.

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