Is This The Best Wrap DeadMau5 Has Put On His McLaren P1?

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Job well done sir.

Canadian house music producer Deadmau5 is no stranger to pimping out hot cars with crazy wraps. Not only did he successfully manage to piss off Ferrari executives with a gnarly Nyan Cat wrap on a Ferrari 458 Italia, but he recently turned plenty of heads with a black and white Ace of Spades wrap on his McLaren P1. The casino themed wrap was put on the P1 in preparation for the car's participation in the 2015 Gumball 3000 Rally that concluded in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Well it now looks as if Deadmau5 is back at again with slapping hot wraps on his P1. The only difference this time is that the wrap of choice is not, by any means, an outlandish flashy wrap. It actually looks really damn good. Some might even say it's subtle but chic or classy, but cool. Deadmau5 opted for a gorgeous looking matte black wrap with bright orange accents that line the brake calipers, front bumper and rear spoiler. We applaud this sweet choice of wrap. Job well done sir, job well done.

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