Spy Shots

Is This The BMW M4 GTS?

This was bound to be tracked down sooner or later.

With an all-new generation of BMW M3/M4, comes the inevitable track-going version. Previously there was the M3 GTS coupe, and now it appears the M4 GTS is on its way. Our spy photographers have snapped some pics of what appears to be a development mule. But don’t let those "Safety Car" stickers fool you. They’re really just a part of the camouflage. Instead, take note of the new aerodynamic parts such as a more pronounced chin spoiler and that huge rear spoiler.

Look carefully enough and you’ll also catch a glimpse of Recaro seats through the window. No word yet on when it’ll launch or if it’ll even be called the M4 GTS, but we’re very much anxious to see just what BMW has in store here.

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