Is This The Car That Will Lead TVR's Comeback?


TVR teases render ahead of 2017 launch.

TVR Chairman Les Edgar has recently shed some light on the automaker's upcoming model. Edgar, in a letter to customers and fans of the brand, provided much-desired information after many dry months without new info. The letter included a CAD model of the alleged new design in side-profile form. The body shape maintains the DNA of several previous TVR models. Edgar said in his letter "we are at the point where we have a small number of final concepts differing now only in relatively small detail."

He made the point to mention that TVR is using both, "the very latest state of the art CAD modeling software, in parallel… with 'old fashioned' physical seating bucks and scale clay models." The new TVR will be one of the first to use the Gordon Murray Designs iStream Carbon. This allows for greater mass production appeal. Edgar praises the system as one of the worlds first affordable high-volume carbon chassis. TVR is still hesitant to reveal performance figures. However, a Cosworth-sourced V8 netting, an estimated 450-500 horsepower will surely hustle the carbon-bodied Brit. Initial dyno runs simulated a lap of Le Mans including topography and gear changes.

This same engine will provide power for the company's first test mule, which Edgar says will be a race car. TVR is slated to drop more information come early 2016. Final specs and a look at the "in the flesh" prototype should make the rounds later on in 2016.

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