Hot Rod

Is This The Coolest Hot Rod You’ve Ever Seen?

This unique beauty is truly one of a kind.

We’ve seen some incredible cars cross the auction block before,but this 1932 Ford Custom “Double Down” has to be one of the greatest hot rodswe’ve ever set our eyes on. While it looks like the coolest care ever made, the hot rod wascreated to showcase Jet-Hot Coatings’ coating technology, but ended up being anincredible machine. Unlike other promotional cars, this beast was meant to doone thing extremely well: drive. That’s why it features a 9.0-liter Jon KaaseBoss 9 V8 engine that produces 900 hp.

To handle all of that raw power, the hot rod has an all-wheel-drivelayout that’s similar to the ’32 Ford Roadster “QuadraDeuce.” There are also enormousGoodyear Eagle slicks to contain the engine’s ridiculous displacement. There’s no word on what performance is like,but the listing states that “0-60 acceleration is said to be mind-blowing.” Basedon the Roadster’s incredible amount of power and all-wheel-drive, we can believethat claim and are falling in love with the vehicle’s mix of old-school looks with new-school technology.

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