Is This The Coolest Truck At The 2015 SEMA Show?


Well, it's not really a truck, per se. What's so great about it??

We think limousines are pretty cool; they chauffeur rich people and high school prom dates in luxury, lights, quietness and appropriate drinks and food. Most of these limos are based off of already somewhat luxurious cars, notably the Lincoln Towncar and Cadillac Escalade. And then, there are special limousines based off the least limo-compatible cars. However, no one has thought of converting a pick up truck into a limo…until now. Toyota decided to stretch its Tundra pick up truck into a limo and also maintain its truck bed for the SEMA 2015.

We don't have any specs about it in terms of who helped the Japanese automaker build it or how long the limousine is but one thing for sure is that it looks really cool. The black paint adds to the stealth that most limousines have when cruising around Las Vegas or Beverly Hills on Friday nights. This is possibly the only truck that can take around 10 people and a lot of stuff offroad and not sweat a bit. We think the limo-truck is really cool but what do you guys think of it? Is it super cool and should all pick up trucks be converted into limousines? Or is it a complete waste of time and money? Let us know in the comments. Photo credits to autoguidepics from Instagram.

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