Is This The First BMW i8 'Lowrider' In The World?

SEMA 2015 / 30 Comments

Hear us out on this one.

This year's SEMA show in Las Vegas is full of incredible sights. And one of the most interesting cars on display at the show this year is undoubtedly James McDonnell's 2015 BMW i8 at the Accuair booth. What makes this special i8 stand out has little to do with its turbocharged three-cylinder engine mated with two electric motors that produce 357 hp. Nor is it the i8's ability to hit 60 mph in 3.6 seconds that really sets it apart.

What impressed us the most is how eye-catching the unique aesthetic customizations are on McDonnell's i8. This specially kitted out Bimmer has a mean matte black wrap and is totally slammed on a set of custom rose gold Rotiform CBU wheels with an Accuair Suspension kit. Just based upon the suspension and wheels on this i8, we dare say that it could actually classify as a lowrider, but we'll hold judgment until we see the switches. There are no details on whether or not the owner has implemented or plans to add any performance upgrades in addition to the aesthetic mods.

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