Is This The Ford Mustang Hybrid Or Something Else Entirely?

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Consider us intrigued. You should be too.

Ford just had a big presentation focusing on its future lineup without the familiar Fiesta, Focus, and Fusion being a part of it. Change is happening, without question, and the just over a minute or so long video shown during the presentation starred the one and only Bryan Cranston. But why hire a big name star for a well-produced but short video?

Perhaps because there was a bit more to it than some may have noticed. If you skip to the 36-second mark you'll see something extremely interesting: an apparent rendering of a futuristic Mustang. Without question it's not the current generation Mustang, but it clearly has that iconic badge up front. So, what could it be?

Car and Driver

Our best guess: a future concept that previews a hybrid Mustang. Motor Trend asked Ford for further comment and was only told the image is "a glimpse of what's to come and we are excited to show you more in the future." We know, that's a very brief and not specific answer to give, but hey, it's pretty clear Ford is cooking up something interesting. However, if it weren't for the Mustang badge, we probably wouldn't be giving this image all that much consideration. But the fact that there's a blue hue surrounding the badge and the fact it seems to lack a typical grille is quite telling.


It's still a few years too early for an all-electric Mustang to appear, so our best guess, as of now, is this image previews a Mustang hybrid concept that may debut in the coming months, at either LA or Detroit. Chances are, that concept will lead to a production version. So, in other words, this could be our very first look at the first-ever Mustang hybrid. Like we said, change is coming. Are you ready for a Mustang hybrid? Ford probably thinks we are.


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