Is This The Highest Mileage McLaren P1 For Sale Right Now?

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It's really sad how little these cars get driven.

We all hate seeing insane supercars gathering dust in a garage. These machines are built to be driven, yet so many people hide them away to preserve their value. This practice has become more and more widespread, despite the high usability of these cars. The original supercars weren't driven very much because they were just too impractical. Anyone who was badass enough to take their McLaren F1 or Ferrari F40 to the grocery stores deserved a medal, but today it's extremely easy with their modern counterparts.

The current crop of supercars are incredibly easy to drive. Clunky manual transmissions, non-assisted steering and heavy clutch pedals are all things of the past. It would be no harder to drive a Porsche 918 or McLaren P1 down the road than a run-of-the-mill Camry or Prius. We've seen instances where owners take advantage of this everyday drivability. There was a Swiss businessman who put over 80,000 miles on his McLaren 12C and a Japanese attorney that daily drives a 650S and a P1. While we commend the man who drives his P1 to work, we have no doubt that driving the car that much impacts its value. To test that theory, we found a high mileage P1 for sale.

The car that we found is number 121 in the 375 unit P1 run. Like so many cars at this price level, this car reportedly comes with a one-off paint color called Magma Orange. Ask any P1 owner about their paint, and they'll likely tell you that its "the only one like it in the world," because they love to feel special after spending a special sum of money for the privilege. The interior is black and has matching orange accents. The asking price is just under $2 million with 7,633 miles on the odometer. Just for reference, the original price of the P1 was $1.15 million, so it has still risen in value after being driven for over 7,000 miles.

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We have seen a P1 sell for less than this price, but that was around two years ago before P1 values rose even further. Still, we are surprised that the miles haven't pushed down the value as much as we expected. The last US-spec P1 sold at auction for $2.09 million and the most expensive P1, which was painted in "Professor 2 Blue," sold for $2.39 million. A few hardcore P1 GTR models have also sold for around $3 to $4 million, but those were limited to only 45 units. You could make the argument that given the P1 with more than 7,000 miles on the clock is worth around $100,000 less than one with just 234 miles, the P1 loses around $10 in value for every mile driven.

We aren't sure what type of person would want to buy this orange P1, which is currently being offered by McLaren Houston in Texas. Perhaps there is a wealthy car enthusiast out there who actually wants to drive their expensive toy around. If we spent this much money on a car, we would want to enjoy it as much as possible, and it we would want to enjoy it from behind the wheel, not a velvet rope in some collection. The benefit of buying a P1 like this one is that the buyer doesn't have to worry about "ruining the resale value." Anyone who buys this car knows that they can drive it as much as they please, which we think makes this one of the best P1 examples out there.

Rowan Atkinson was famous for having one of the highest mileage McLaren F1 examples in the world, and that didn't seem to hurt the value even after he wrecked it. We would love to see someone buy this high mileage P1 and drive it around like it was meant to be driven. And if this magnificent buyer really does exist, we wouldn't mind getting some seat time and helping to rack up the miles.

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