Is This The Last Affordable Ferrari Left?

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The Mondial is cool and you know it.

Classic car prices have been doing all kinds of silly things in recent years, desirable models have skyrocketed beyond the reach of most mortals while even previously unloved cars are now heading out of reach. Ferrari is perhaps the worst offender of all, filling six of the world's top-ten list of most expensive cars ever auctioned. Even its newer models like the 458 and F12 seem to be immune to depreciation.

That is why this week's Bring-A-Trailer find could prove to be the last semi-affordable prancing horse deal you are likely to find. Now before you go off on about how a Mondial is the ugly duckling of the Ferrari world, this 1990 Grigio grey example with a tan interior is not your average specimen.

It is the final 'T' version which means it comes with a mid-mounted 300 horsepower 3.4-liter flat-plane-crank V8, the same as the one fitted to the 348, and it is currently showing a reasonable 53,000 miles on the odo.

Thanks to most people opting for either the 328 or 348 of the same era, the Mondial has been largely overlooked but it offers a similarly engaging driving experience and for now at least, at half the price. The gated five-speed manual shifter is a work of art and the small rear seats mean your family can come along for the ride too.

This car started off life in Switzerland, finding its way to Canada in 2006 and then the US in 2018, where it now lives in Michigan. Of a total 6,157 Mondials built, only 858 of them were T Coupes and whereas a decent 348 starts at $50,000, as of writing, this car is currently sitting at $28,935. It is not perfect, but it ticks most of the important boxes.

The bad news? The last engine out service was in 2013 which means an expensive cambelt change may be on the cards soon. The auction end date is perilously close, so you may miss out on this exact car, but there are still a few decent Mondials out there and now that you know what to look for it might be time to trade in that Camry and make your move.

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