Is This The Meanest Toyota On The Market?

Limited Edition

Meet The GT 86 Limited Blackline Edition.

Last year, we wrote about how Toyota had treated itsfans in Japan to a country-specific 86 14R60 Limited Edition. Japan got just100 units of an 86 platform Toyota, which is also the foundation for the SubaruBRZ and the Scion FR-S. The car featured numerous redesigns of the typicalToyota 86 including an aggressive body kit, a rear wing, a centered dualexhaust, and a carbon fiber roof. The 2.0-liter four-pot still only produced 197horsepower and 151 pound-feet of torque.

That car cost the equivalent of about $60,000 USD.Now, Toyota has just gifted another country with a very special 86. It’s calledthe GT 86 Limited Blackline Edition, and it’s only available Down Under. Thisnewly released Toyota GT 86 Blackline gets a sinister-looking black body kit,gloss black 17” alloys all around, and a black and red interior. The body kitand other unique aspects of this limited-run model are all designed andmanufactured by Toyota’s TRD division. It looks like Australians will be getting more oftheir special edition than the Japanese did, because Toyota states that only450 of these models will be produced in total.

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The production numbers are biased in favor of manualtransmissions, as only 200 of the 450 Aussie GT 86 Blacklines will have theboring sort of transmission. While there’s no word on whether or notperformance differences will be substantial, the price for this GT 86 is muchless than its Japanese counterpart. The base price for the manual is $27,333(in the equivalent of USD) and the automatic will start at $29,126.