Is This The Most Badass Wrap Ever On A Hellcat?

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Say hola to "El Hellgato."

One of our favorite auto Youtubers, Salomondrin, is back with another sweet car vid. This time he shows us the brand new wrap on his "Hellgato" Dodge Challenger Hellcat, which was previously featured on CarBuzz regarding the custom body work on the car. Once again, we've got to give this guy props on his impeccable taste in cars. Not only is the Hellcat a prime choice of vehicle, but the custom wrap on this baby is just perfect. In the owner's own words, "it's like a boat n' a car... with a chrome wrap... it is a Challenger."

Although we haven't clarified whether he means a "boat and a car" or a "boat in a car" we like it, and couldn't agree more. This special Hellcat features three different types of chrome and it took about 120 man hours to complete the wrap alone. That's way more than it took to build the car itself. Impressive. Viva Hellgato!

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