Is This The Most Epic Parking Fail You've Ever Seen?


Good job the Porsche was covered!

Don't be too hard on her. It's an easy mistake to make. The gas pedal and brake pedal are so close together, it seems odd we don't see hilarious accidents like this one more often. These horrifying images were taken in a parking lot in Beijing, courtesy of Car News China. Driving her VW Touareg away from her spot, the driver of the large SUV came face to face with the sexy white Porsche 911, which was ironically covered to keep it well protected.

Thinking she was getting too close to the Porsche while automatically moving slowly forward in limp mode, she panicked. This is when the accelerator was mistaken for the brake pedal. Instead of stopping, the VW mounted the Porsche, destroying its front end. Good job lady.

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