Is This The Most Extreme Ferrari 458 Italia Ever Made?

SEMA 2015 / Comments

It's definitely up there with some of the craziest 458s on the road.

Seen in rendered form a few months ago, one of the most extreme interpretations of the Ferrari 458 Italia has just debuted at SEMA 2015. Created by California-based Misha Designs, a choice of two body kits are on offer for the sexy Italian. The first one adds a new hood, front bumper and carbon-fiber front splitter, fender, side skirts, an aggressive rear bumper and wing, as well as carbon-fiber fins on either side of the front bumper.

Limited to 20 units, an alternative widebody kit adds a rear wing inspired by the LaFerrari-based FXX-K track car and three-inch wider track. The show car has been finished in an awesome shade of matte red and sits on a set of gold and black alloys by Savini Wheels.

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