Is This The Most Ridiculous Car You Can Now Buy In America?

There must be smarter ways to spend your extra $800K.

Itwas just over a year ago that we told you all about the David Brown Speedback GT, acoach-built English sports car that is basically a Jaguar XKR wrapped in a beautifulretro-inspired body. In addition, it offers a beautifully hand-crafted interior.But as this car prepares to make its American debut at the Quail in Montereythis coming August, we have to ask: have people really run out of things tospend their money on? As it rolls into the United States, the David Brown Speedbackwill be given a starting price tag of no less than $795,000.

What warrants that outrageous price? The Speedback enjoys the underpinnings of a Jaguar XKR, including the 510 hp supercharged5.0-liter AJ V8. Mated to a six-speed auto, it is said to reach 60 mphin 4.6 seconds. But for the price of eight XKRs, the Speedback also offers a unique exterior design, inspired by the Aston Martin DBs of old. Inside, the XKR cabin has been dressed with tons of wood, polished metal anda bespoke instrument panel. When it was launched in England last year, Brownsaid that it represents a "classic-looking sports car withoutcompromising modern convenience and features.” But will America's elite shoppers alsobe convinced?

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