Is This The Most Violent Porsche Exhaust Ever?


The London streets sound like a war zone.

The London streets are filled with all sorts of exotic cars with owners often competing for who has the hottest aftermarket customizations on their rides. A mean white Porsche 911 Turbo S, recently spotted driving on the London streets, is a perfect example of how cool some of these customized exotics can get. This 911 Turbo S is from Qatar and has some beautiful aftermarket add-ons including carbon fiber body work, blacked-out rims and enhanced turbos under the hood. However, the most noticeable feature of this ride is the brutal exhaust.

When the car revs up and the turbo spools, the exhaust fires off what sounds like a blast from a sawn-off shotgun. As if this wasn't enough, the exhaust even spits out a flame after letting out a violent crackle. If you hear this 911 hissing, spitting and backfiring down the street, hit the deck, because trouble is coming just around the corner.

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