Is This The Nastiest Cayenne You've Ever Seen?

With 37 parts, the Expression Motorsport Cayenne is certainly unique.

The2015 Porsche Cayenne may still be fresh from its facelift, but for some people there can never be enough cosmetic surgery. In one of the most eccentricexamples of this trend, Belgian-based Expression Motorsport has justreleased images of its full 2015 Cayenne body kit, which includes 37 individualparts designed to completely reshape the look of Porsche's top SUV. The XRwidebody kit is in a league of its own, and will certainly get a lot of attention andraise much controversy among fans and critics alike.

The plethora of appearance bits starts with ridiculous 23-inch alloy wheels, riding under steroid-injected arches. The front features anew grille and side skirts, LED DRLs and fog lights and a new hood. Finally, arooftop spoiler and bumper join new pipes at the rear:

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