Is This The New 600-HP, Carrera GT Killing Porsche Panamera?

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The first leaked image has arrived.

A completely redesigned Porsche Panamera is just around the corner. US sales are set to begin in 2017, but the official debut itself will happen this September in Paris. We've seen spy shots of both the sedan and wagon and, without question, neither can be mistaken for anything other than a Panamera. But one of the biggest complaints people have of the current model is its somewhat awkward styling. It's sort of a love it or hate it deal. Porsche listened to its customers and has made some changes.

What we're looking at here is, supposedly, a leaked image of the new 2017 Panamera. An Instagram user posted it but some are claiming it's nothing more than a Photoshop chop job. If so, it's a good one as based on those previous spy images, this image looks pretty spot on. The lines, generally speaking, are smoother and the rear end certainly looks more 911-ish. Also, the new Panamera is built on a new platform that'll allow Porsche to later add fully electric and plug-in hybrid models at some point. As we also previously reported, Porsche is already claiming this new Panamera will lap the Nurburgring faster than the iconic Carrera GT. Having a new twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 with a reported 600 hp on tap helps with that.

So based on this leaked image, do you think Porsche has improved the Panamera's styling, or do you prefer the outgoing model's unique look? We'll have complete details for you the moment Porsche sends them our way. An online review of the new Panamera will likely happen before its live debut in a few months' time.

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