Is This The New Bugatti Chiron?

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Here's why it just might be.

By now we're all pretty familiar with Volkswagen's massive screw up. What began with an attempt to sneakily circumvent costly emissions regulations will now cost the company upwards of $18 billion and not to mention, their reputation. With Volkswagen's demise, many have been wondering what will become of VW-owned brand Bugatti and the upcoming Veyron successor, the Chiron. According to what we know, the Chiron is still on track to be released. What's more, based upon the testimony of one of our favorite car guy's, Salomondrin, the car has practically already been revealed.

Right around the 4:00 minute mark in this video about how to profit from VW's mistake, Salomondrin reveals what the Chiron will look like. Check it out.

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