Is This The New Corvette's Key Fob?

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The evidence suggests that it is.

Last month we saw a few leaked images of what looked to be the key fob for an upcoming Cadillac model. The thing was covered in buttons showing remote controls for both the hood and trunk as well as a convertible roof.

This led some to believe that GM was releasing a new Cadillac convertible and attempts to explain why the key had both front and rear 'trunk' buttons had people thinking that it might even be mid-engined or perhaps fully-electric.

Now we have just seen a handful of photos and drawings on an FCC application from German company Huf Huelsbeck & Fuerst which show the exact same seven-button key fob design, but this time there is a Corvette logo on the back.

No mention is made of what Corvette model this key is intended for, but many have jumped to the conclusion that it is the fob for the upcoming mid-engined C8, a car that we know exists but has not been officially confirmed as of yet.

There are a number of markings on it for regulatory agencies across the globe, so this info and the fact that the test report shows that it is a 'GM MY2020 B1 KEYFOB' is why people claim it proves that this is indeed the C8 key for what will be a global model. Now this may well be the case but what if it is just a design intended to test all the possible permutations of what Cadillac and Corvette key fobs do?

What if GM uses the same sample keys for a number of its products and is laughing at us right now as we try to figure out which of its cars will have both an electric roof and a remotely controlled hood and trunk with some sort of secondary function. Time will tell which models this key is intended for, but all we can say for certain at this point is that you are looking at a keyfob with a whole lot of buttons on it.

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