Is This The New Lamborghini Hypercar?

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Could these renders be our first look at Lamborghini's new limited run hypercar?

Rumors keep circulating about Lamborghini's latest hypercar. We know it'll be called the Centenario LP770-4 and is built to celebrate the companies 100th birthday. We've heard only 20 coupes and 20 roadster variants will be made. It'll cost well over $2.5 million and no one has a clue what it will look like (although we did hazard a guess). A design patent Lamborghini filed in October of last year, surfaced and features what appears to be the new hyper-Lambo. Rumor has it it will feature an elongated Huracan chassis and the Aventador's 6.5-liter V12.


For all we know this could be a replacement for the Aventador or a Sesto Elemento/ Veneno style limited edition type car. Though given the production ready looks and radicalized bits of aero-work we think this might be the Centenario. Geneva will reveal all in just a few short weeks.

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