Is this the Next Maserati GranTurismo?

Alfieri was concept-perfect, and this is a production dream!

Earlier this month, Italian sports carmaker Maserati unveiled the gorgeous, show-stoppingAlfieri concept car at the Geneva Motor Show. The Alfieri offered a uniquely designed, 100thanniversary special look into the company’s (hopefully) near-future. While the Fiat-ownedmanufacturer said this Alfieri could be put into production within two years, wealso know its similarly-sized current GranTurismo coupe, introduced in2007, is due for a redesign very soon.

Taking the concept to near-production looks, X-Tomi Designhas this beautiful rendering of what a next-generation GranTurismo could looklike. Rumors revolving the Alfieri concept said it would come with Maserati’sV6 engine in one of its two forms: a 350 horsepower version or one makingjust above 400 hp. Either way, this GranTurismo would be perfectly poised to takeon the Jaguar F-Type and Porsche Carrera in their 6-cylinder formations.

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