Is This The Perfect Successor To The Aston Martin Vanquish?


Just imagine seeing this at the top of the Aston Martin pecking order.

Over the last week or so, Aston Martin's cropped up quite a bit in our news coverage. There was obviously the big reveal of the gorgeous DB11 last Tuesday at this year's Geneva Motor Show, plans to introduce seven new models were squeezed out of Aston boss Andy Palmer shortly after, and we know the company will soon be setting up a new production line for its DBX SUV at an old RAF base in the southern tip of Wales. And now Aston Martin's hitting our headlines yet again, thanks to this incredible Aston Martin grand tourer design study.

Admittedly, this incredible 2+2 continental cruiser isn't an official Aston Martin project. Instead, the 'Aston Martin DBT' is the creation of Arthur B. Nustas, an automotive design graduate from Coventry University. The Midlands-based university has a renowned reputation for fostering incredible car design talent (the current design directors at Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo, as well as the former chief designer at Morgan, all have Coventry University Masters degrees in Automotive Design to their name), so it's perhaps no real surprise that Nustas' Aston Martin concept car is a stunning piece of work that we're sure any professional car designer would be proud to have to their name. Even if it does look a bit like a C7 Corvette if you squint a bit.

Of course, the DBT in its current guise would look quite out of place in comparison with more recent Aston Martin models. Under the tenure of Marek Reichman, Aston Martins have generally been shrouded in smooth and elegant bodywork, which contrasts heavily with the sharp creases and angular, rakish proportions of Nustas' proposal for a future Aston Martin grand tourer. As we said earlier, though, Coventry University has a habit of creating the car design chiefs of the future, so we're hoping Arthur B. Nustas finds himself working for Aston Martin as its lead exterior design mastermind in the near future, and gets this beauty put into production ASAP.

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