Is This The Porsche 917 Landspeeder Luke Skywalker Always Wanted?

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Perfect for outrunning Sand People.

Yes, this thing is shockingly street legal. Based off a 1964 VW Beetle chassis is this so-called Porsche 917 replica. We're going to use the word "replica" with a grain of salt here; it looks more like a Landspeeder for use on Tatooine. Uncle Owen would never allow nephew Luke Skywalker to have one. But that doesn't mean you can't. It's now up for sale on Craigslist from a buyer out of Tucson, Arizona. The guy describes the Laser 917 kit car body/Beetle combo as a project he and his brother undertook a few years ago.

After mating the body and chassis together, the following were added: a propone-based flame thrower, taser hoot ornament, rear view TV camera, fender skirts on all four wheels and a hovercraft look made from outdoor carpeting and protected with foam and tubular pipe insulation. With 74,000 miles on its clock, the asking price is $4,800.

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