Is This The Secret To The Porsche Cayman GT4's Greatness?

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You need to put your beverage somewhere, now don't you?

Porsche finally made a Cayman into a realistic alternative to the 911. Everyone always knew the mid-engined Cayman had more to offer, only that Porsche was holding back for the sake of preserving the 911's integrity. There must have been an internal policy change because now there's the Cayman GT4. Powered by the same 3.8-liter flat-six found in the Carrera S and mated to a six-speed manual, the GT4 is a track-focused, lightweight driver's toy that, as you're about to learn, might also be the perfect all-round daily driver for the enthusiast.

And this is coming from the guy, our friend Salomondrin, who owns a Pagani Huayra, Challenger Hellcat, and a Ford GT, to name a few. He just picked up a GT4. He's already in love. Why? For all of the specs listed above and then some. And yes, it even has a pair of usable cup holders.

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