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Is This the Sound of Porsche's New Turbo Flat-Four?


And why is it being tested in a 911? Something to definitely ponder.

Porsche recently announced that its next-gen Cayman and Boxster will be powered by a currently in development turbo flat-four. A flat-four?! And (gasp!) turbocharged?! Have Birkenstock-wearing hippies suddenly taken over the reigns over in Stuttgart? No, it’s just how things are proceeding in this day and age of strict fuel economy standards. But we’re quite interested as to how that new turbo flat-four (with around 395 hp) is going to turn out.

This new video shot at the Nurburgring a few days ago may seemingly just show a facelifted 911 test mule out for a drive, but those in the know believe it’s powered by that new flat-four. They noted how the car grabs on the track and also its engine sound. If it is the new engine, then why is it being test in the 911 and not the Boxster/Cayman?

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