Is This The Trippiest Lamborghini That You've Ever Seen?

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There's nowhere to hide in this thing.

As if driving in a Lamborghini Huracan wasn't already enough to turn heads, this guy really took things to a whole new level. The wrap on his Huracan, spotted in Florida during the recent Goldrush Rally, features an incredible flashy rainbow color scheme. Also, the bright pink and aqua blue rims seem to really set off the rainbow wrap nicely. Some might think that this Lamborghini could be the perfect car to lead the way at the head of a pride parade. Others might think that a leprechaun could be driving the car and others might just love the way it looks.

Whatever your thoughts are on the look of this one of a kind Lamborghini, we give the owner props for their originality. We'd definitely drive it given the opportunity.

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