Is This the Ugliest Car in Ukraine?

Quite possibly, yes.

To be honest, we're not really so sure what this thing is. The only fact we can verify is that it's a motor vehicle. In what looks like a failed attempt to mate a Volvo station wagon with a 70s era Soviet-built Volga, the owner of this...whatever it is, is proud enough to post pictures of it online. We can't tell if the black covering over the hood serves a purpose, but it does absolutely nothing to improve the overall aesthetic appeal. Moving out back, the black cover theme continues in what looks to be an extremely rear-end heavy custom job.

Note that there's an additional door behind the rear doors for even easier passenger accessability. We'll give some credit, however, to the semi decent fabrication work. Perhaps this is one Ukrainian owner's idea of a seven seat crossover. In Ukraine only, of course.

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