Is This The Ugliest Lamborghini Diablo Ever?

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Yes, the questionable Pregunta is just that.

Back in 1998 Lamborghini was struggling; after three successive changes of ownership the company was about to be acquired by Audi. In an effort to generate buzz and stir the dreams of those longing for a return to the insanity of the Countach and Miura, Lamborghini partnered with former Bertone head Marc Dechamps in creating a factory 1998 Diablo development car as a basis for a new model. This would become the one-of-one Pregunta, taking the name of a famed bull. The name from Spanish literally translates to "question."

So the Lamborghini "Question" was born. It featured a 530-horsepower V12, could do 207 mph and was inspired aesthetically by the Dassualt Rafale fighter jet. In some regard this could be considered the predecessor to the Reventon, the Murcielago-based car that drew much design inspiration from the F22 Raptor. The external paintwork is from the Rafale fighter and certainly adds to the menacing presence of the Pregunta. Numerous technologies were included in the prototype including rear-view camera, CDI Cristine GPS, internal fiber optic lighting, and F1-inspired electronic instrument clusters. The fighter jet inspiration comes to fruition in the interior as the ergonomics were based around the cockpit of the Rafale.

Compared to the Diablo, the Pregunta is lighter and the radiators have been relocated to the front. The rear-wheel-drive roadster was designed to be compatible with a closed cockpit and easily mounted roof. Currently for sale at an unlisted price, we expect this car to fetch a substantial fee. The car has never been in the hands of a private collector and likely will wind up in the Lamborghini Museum. We want to hear it on track alongside its Reventon successor.
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