Road Rage

Is This The Ultimate Straightjacket For Road Ragers?

Or do they deserve to be punished rather than pampered?

Aswe all know, the problem of road rage is not limited to American streets, andwe have been reporting outbreaks of insane violence from all across the world.Obviously, some drivers are simply not able to deal with the stress of dailycommuting as well as others do. But what should be done with these people?Clearly, violent behavior will be punished, but is there a way to eliminateit altogether before it even happens? According to French auto partmanufacturer Faurecia, this new seat, developed together with NASA,might be able to do just that.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Faurecia's director of innovationexplained: "What we basically do is to monitor respiration rate and heartrate in the seat, and we derive stress and energy level from that." Basedon the ratings, the seat can offer several relaxation modes to cool down thatraging temper – from fans that will cool the driver's body down to massagingelements built in to the seat that will keep that driver in his seat and otherdrivers safe. The seat could be fitted in cars as soon as 2020. Can thisdriver's seat really mean the end to road rage?

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