Is This the World's Most Horrifying McLaren?

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Sticker City's wrapped P1 will definitely give some people nightmares.

Although the McLaren P1's design was somewhat controversial when it was first introduced, few would argue that this hypercar has a striking design and incredible look – no matter what color it arrives in. Add in 903 horsepower and the marquee's finest performance, and the P1 is guaranteed to get you some attention no matter where you take it. But obviously, some owners can never be satisfied. Luckily, the one in question opted to do so with a wrap rather than a permanent paint job.

Given to the folks at Sticker City in Sherman Oaks California, the originally yellow P1 has emerged as a study in two shades of black and some remaining yellow. With swirls, curves, stains, stripes and spots, some are calling this P1 a "tattooed masterpiece." Meanwhile, other are bound to disagree. Which side are you on?

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