Is This The World's Ugliest Lamborghini?

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Why? Just why.

We've seen plenty of modified supercars over the years. Sometimes they turn out pretty good, other times not so much. The case of this Lamborghini Murcielago is definitely a case of the latter. In fact, it might just be the ugliest Lamborghini we've seen. Ever. This footage was taken in Japan and, holy crap, is that reflective leopard skin all over the Lambo's body?! Are those spikes (or leopard teeth?) glued all over the hood? And what the hell was the point of that massive exhaust pipe? To look like a tug boat? Perhaps a semi-truck?

And, wait for it, are those spiked hats sitting at the top of the dash? So many questions and so little taste. For what it matters, we do dig the new front bumper design and red wheels.

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