Is this the World's Worst Parallel Park?

There's simply no excuse for taking half-an-hour to park a hatchback.

Arguably the most feared partof a driving test, mastering the dreaded "parallel park" thattakes plenty of practice and patience, something the star of this viral YouTubeclip has in spades. The video was shot in a quiet street in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and while the driver’s abject performance has to be seen to bebelieved, keep the volume turned up to hear the hilarious running commentary. Apparently the attempt took over 30 minutes, with filming starting only after the struggling driver had refused help to squeeze her hatchback into a sedan-sized space.

Eventually, a passer-by helps to guide the driver into the spot much to the delight of those behind the camera who break into raucous applause complete with cheering, jeering and high-fives all round.

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