Is This Toyota's Way Of Bringing Scion Back From The Dead?

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You can't say a car is discontinued if it's still being built.

When the inevitable death of Scion was announced, not many people wept. After all, Toyota's youth-oriented brand wasn't around long enough for buyers to build a serious relationship with it and aside from that, Toyota had enough good cars that looked cool to capture the youth market that Scion was going for. However those who do actually miss the brand need not fear, because while the name "Scion" is being phased out, most of the brand's lineup will remain intact. We already told you how the fun and zippy FR-S is being rescued from the sinking Scion ship.

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But it looks like two other models will be making their way to the Toyota lifeboat. The iM and iA will both move over to Toyota, but they wont just gain the bubbly T badge, they'll also steal some names from already hot-selling Toyotas. The iA will be called the Yaris iA, even though it has nothing in common with the actual Yaris. The iM will suffix the best-selling Corolla name, which is more appropriate given that the iM is just a Corolla hatchback with an S badge. This means that the only Scion that will get the axe will be the storm trooper looking tC, which won't be missed much anyways. This youth infusion probably won't help or hurt Toyota, but its not like they're in bad shape anyway.

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