Is This Transformers Bugatti Veyron Vitesse Michael Bay's Daily Driver?

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It's not, but if it really is for sale then it soon could be.

If there's any justice in the world then this Transformers Bugatti Veyron Vitesse will be 100 percent real and currently in the United States. Details are scarce, but if the seats are to be believed then its owner is named Daniel and he really, really loves Transformers. This oddly customized Bugatti was apparently brought over from Singapore and now calls California's Los Gatos Luxury Cars home. We checked out the dealership's online inventory and couldn't find this supercar anywhere.

There's a chance the inventory hasn't been updated yet. It could also very well be that it's at another dealership. This Bugatti is definitely unique and looks nothing like the one featured in "Transformers 4," which you can also see here. We'll let you decide whether or not said nerdiness makes this Bugatti awesome.

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