Is This Vacuum Cleaner Company About To Unveil An Electric Car?

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And could it one day rival Tesla?

Over a year ago, Dyson, the company that revolutionized the always exciting vacuum cleaner industry, reportedly began secretly working on an electric car program in the UK. We've reported about this previously, having learned that founder Sir James Dyson managed to recruit some high-profile auto industry executives, specifically two former high-profile Aston Martin managers. Today, The Daily Mail is claiming that Dyson will reveal plans to build electric cars in the UK.

Production won't get underway immediately because an operation this complex takes time, but Sir Dyson will announce early stages of EV production at his company headquarters in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. Does Sir Dyson see himself as Great Britain's Elon Musk? Could his new EV project pose a serious threat (or any threat) to Tesla? Look, anything's possible but we have our doubts. Tesla has been doing its thing for years now facing numerous hurdles along the way because, let's face it, the auto industry is brutal. But we wouldn't be surprised to see Dyson reveal some revolutionary EV technologies that needed improvement and, because he's Sir Dyson, that's his specialty.

The guy spends years examining a product, from vacuums to hand-dryers, finds their weaknesses, and corrects them, resulting in newly patented technologies. We think he'll do the same with EVs. Meanwhile, Dyson already bought a solid-state battery company and has continued to actively recruit high-tech talent from Silicon Valley. Oh, and it's reportedly invested some 2.5 billion GBP into artificial intelligence research. It'll be interesting to see what Dyson has been cooking up.

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