Is This Volkswagen's Great Plan For The Diesel Scandal?


'Das Auto' is no more.

In light of the on-going diesel scandal faced by Volkswagen, the German automaker plans to mix things up by changing its advertising campaigns. The "Das Auto" slogan will no longer be in the center of future advertising campaigns and the automaker plans to simplify its branding. According to a conversation with a spokesman and Reuters, VW plans to do something a little simpler: "Volkswagen" alongside the iconic VW logo. This may be the worst idea to change the public's view of the automaker.


VW didn't give a specific reason as to why "Das Auto," which translates to "The Car" would be dropped from future campaigns, but is most likely related to the diesel scandal. Executives are said to be concerned about how the words could be interpreted as arrogant as the company plans to repair its damaged image. Besides the subtle changes to its advertisements, VW also plans on investing in electric vehicles to gain some credibility in the green arena. Apparently, "Das Auto" would not reveal the brand's innovative and flexible thinking for future products. VW still hasn't come out with the details of its internal investigations or the proposed fix for diesel vehicles in the US.

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