Is This What All Redneck Crotch Rocket Riders Are Like?

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Bikers may want to look away now.

First off, know that this is a parody video. It comes to us courtesy of the YouTube channel Muscle vs Tuner. Yes, there may be a guy (or gal) out there who owns a sport bike and acts like this, but we're praying no one is capable of being so over the top. When we say "over the top" we mean converting 600ccs to horsepower and taking the kill switch and making it into a nitrous button. And that's only the beginning of this ridiculously awesome review. Also, is it just us or does this video remind you of the time a ricer kid reviewed a Ferrari?

If you're all about cold air intake helmets and Adidas riding sweatpants, then this video is for you. Hell, even if you hate that stuff it's still worth a watch.

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