Is this what Infinity has in Store for the Q100i?

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We know it's coming, we just don't know if it will be any good.

It's no secret that Infiniti lags far behind the market shares of several of its competitors. A lack of really exciting models is generally seen as the main reason for this, and word is that Infiniti plans to expand its market share by capitalizing on the association with the hugely successful Red Bull Formula 1 team. So in the next few years, Infiniti will roll out a new sport sedan called the Q100, the same name as the current Red Bull car.

The design of the new car will be based heavily on the Essence concept which was first shown at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. Knowing this, designer Theophilus Chin has produced a rendering of what the car might look like, although he does say that he isn't entirely happy with how it came out. The Q100 will be joined sometime before 2020 by a proper sports model, as well as three other, hopefully exciting models. With Infiniti already doing a bit of technology sharing with Mercedes-Benz, it's quite possible that these new models will as well.

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