Is This What Miata's Grandchild Will Look Like?

With its launch confirmed for 2015, artists are going crazy for the next MX-5. Check out X-Tomi Design’s take on possible styling.

With Mazda’s confirmation that the next generation MX-5roadster will be unveiled at next year’s Chicago Motor Show, cyber space is awash with rumors regarding the next model’s design and specs. Mazda hasalready emphasized that the car will be equipped with a Skyactiv engine, andother sources have reported this will be a 1.3-liter, naturally aspirated unit.

While this may sound meager, the car is expected to generatean unprecedented power-to-weight ratio for Mazda, and we expect some zoom zoom performance from it. The next generation MX-5 is being developed in collaboration with Alfa Romeo. With the Italian touch and Mazda's own successfully sculpted products presented in the last few years, this car should be an all-time classic like its grandpa. Keeping that in mind, X-Tomi Design studio published a beautifultake on what it may look like on its Facebook page, and while these arejust guesses, we like what we see so far.

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