Is This What the Ford Explorer Should Have Been?

As in, a true SUV instead of a crossover.

Today’s Ford Explorer isn’t really the tough, truck-based SUV it originally was. No, the Explorer that you can buy right now in the US is really a crossover, based on a platform shared with the Taurus, itself utilizing an old Volvo-designed platform. Ford has just done a good enough job of disguising this fact when it dramatically reengineered that platform for some off-road abilities. But the Explorer is no longer a true SUV. However, Ford has just unveiled its Everest Concept at the Beijing Auto Show.

It’s described as “a preview of a midsize, seven-seat off-road SUV that could be produced for the Chinese market.” For the Chinese market?! What about the US market? Did we misbehave or something? Oh wait, that’s right, the Everest Concept is based off the new global Ranger pickup. Yeah, Ford decided the US doesn’t want that compact pickup truck. It’s not like America ever professed utter hatred for the old Ranger or anything of the sort. Ford has even confirmed that the Everest was never intended for the US. Damn shame, because we love the way it looks: tough, simple and ready to hit the dirt. Ford hasn't mentioned what's under the hood, but we'd highly recommend a V8.

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