Is This What The Ford Mach-E Should Have Looked Like?

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Lower, meaner, faster.

The controversial Ford Mustang Mach-E signifies Ford's first serious entry into the electric wars already raging between carmakers such as Tesla and German rivals Volkswagen. Ford has taken a giant risk in naming its all-new electric vehicle after its most beloved brand of all, the Mustang, and many have voiced their opinions about its styling, which has been hit or miss in most cases.

As with so many part-time car designers who like to play around with existing designs, Paul Schmucker, co-host of popular YouTube channel EverydayDriver has taken the Mach-E and made a few changes which he considers vital in making the Mustang Mach-E a success. Schmucker is a transportation design graduate of Art Center College of Design and has designed for automakers, so he knows what he's talking about.

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Schmucker starts off with the idea that Ford should ease the public into the idea of a Ford Mustang SUV by offering more of a compromise. The design he shows off on his sketch pad is of a car with far sleeker lines and a more purposeful look. "It's a car that can be a sports car, more specifically a four-door sports car, and can also be safarized to be more rugged when needed," he says of his redesign.

The Mach-E, which is touted as offering fast charging times and better over-the-air updates than Telsa cars undergoes even more changes as Schmucker's video continues. He debates whether the sweeping roofline which starts from the A-pillar and continues all the way to the rear is the best way to do things, as it increases rear headroom, but has to be camouflaged by a black finish to hide its bulkiness.


Schmucker continues to the interior which he says takes too many cues from the Tesla brand. "The giant screen doesn't need to sit that high. High, medium and low adjustability will benefit drivers of all sizes and the overall design could be a distraction" something we've picked up with Tesla cars.

"I don't think the Mach-E knows what it wants to be. What I'm looking for is a vehicle that will scare the Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S, but can still pull off the SUV look". He changes the sweeping hood and introduces more aggressive headlights and beefier shoulders. "My vision is a car that's more sedan-like, but can pull off the SUV look in a way that is uniquely Mustang" he concludes.


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