Is This What The New BMW M2 Will Look Like?

These renderings look stunning.

The new BMW M2 hasa lot riding on its shoulders, or tires. It's coming hot on the heels of the BMW 1Series M Coupe and the revitalized BMW M3/M4. So far it sounds like a vehicle worth drooling over and waiting for. Unfortunately, we have to wait a few more monthsbefore getting to see what the sporty coupe will actually look like in the flesh/metal. But thanks to rendering whiz Theophilus Chin, we have a gorgeous idea of what the new M2 might looklike when it comes out.

Besides itsamazing looks, the M2 is rumored to get an estimated 365 hp from BMW’s N55TwinScroll turbocharged engine. With the powerful engine and the coupe’s lightweight body,the M2 is expected to sprint to 60 mph in roughly four seconds. There’s noofficial word on when BMW will release the new M2, but if it looks anythinglike this we’ll make sure to save as much money as we can until the purist Mcar comes out.

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