Is This What The New Honda S2000 Will Look Like?

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Please say yes.

The S2000 is one of the most beloved models Honda has ever produced. The sporty little rear-wheel drive roadster was incredibly popular with import fans when it was on the market. Moreover, even after the car was discontinued in 2009 it still managed to maintain a die-hard cult following. The reason for the avid fanfare over the S2000 was for its fusion of performance, handling and beautiful design in such a neat little package.

Well, if speculation is accurate, S2000 fans may have something new to be excited about. Patent renderings filed by Honda with the US Patent office have surfaced of what could be a new S2000 design. The renderings appear to look very similar to the NSX, only with a smaller body. So alternatively this could actually be a smaller NSX that could be added to the Honda line up. What seems more likely however is that this is indeed a newly designed S2000. Whatever the car is, it clearly has some fresh modern styling and will be a mid-engine vehicle. We look forward to any confirmation of what this new Honda patent rendering could be.

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