Is This What The New Toyota Supra Should Have Looked Like?


Artist creates A80-inspired render to bring the Supra back to its roots.

After a teaser campaign that seemed to last for ages, the fifth generation Toyota Supra finally made its debut at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show last week - but when Toyota lifted the covers off its new sports car it was met with a mixed response. While some commended the plunging bodywork and had no complaints about the fact that its performance is similar to that of its '90s predecessor, others derided the Supra's styling as droopy and bemoaned the BMW parts-sharing.

For many, the A90 simply didn't live up to the legend of the fourth generation A80, which rocked the sports-car world back in the day by challenging Ferraris for outright performance at a far lesser cost.


Render artist Roman Miah has cooked up something to try to assuage the feelings of the A80-faithful, working his Photoshop magic to give the A90 a classic Supra appearance. While Miah likes the design of the new car, he wrote in an Instagram post that it was "quite fussy," making it his first order of business to clean up the front fascia.

Gone is the three-piece grille and protruding nose, while the air intakes have been enlarged along with the headlights to create an A80-inspired face. Miah also lowered the ride height-cutting down on the large wheel arch gaps-and painted the A-pillar in the body color while still maintaining the trendy floating-roof aesthetic.

Used with permission.

On his rendering of the rear, Miah added a massive spoiler that harkens back to the A80-however, it might make opening the trunk a bit tricky (this is a rendering, after all, so don't expect complete realism). He also redesigned the taillights, creating an oval shape that is reminiscent of the previous generation's iconic lights. The bumper has been simplified and extended, giving his render more visual width, and the daylight opening features a curvier edge.

Finally, the dual exhaust has been replaced by a massive single exhaust that pokes out an angle, giving the Supra a classic JDM appearance. Miah's creation definitely looks more Supra-like, but what are your thoughts on this A80-inspired render?


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