Is This World-Beating 1700-HP Hypercar For Real?


0-62 mph in 2.2 seconds and a 290-mph top speed. We have our doubts.

It's called the LM2 Streamliner and is the work of US-based Lyons Motor Company. But is it real? So far we have these renderings and a commitment by the company to pull the wraps off the slippery, yet oddly styled, hypercar at the New York Auto Show next week. If the car looks like complete fantasy, then these numbers don't help. Power comes from a twin-turbo V8 driving all four wheels via a seven-speed sequential box. A whopping 1,700 horsepower is said to be produced at 9,000 rpm, while an absurd 1,600 lb-ft of torque is available from 4,000 revs. Right.

Weighing in at just 1,406 kg thanks to a carbon-fiber body atop a carbon-fiber chassis, Lyon says 0-62 mph is dealt with in 2.2 seconds, 100 mph comes in at 4.1 seconds and it will reach 200 mph in just 11.1 seconds. The company also estimates top speed will be around the 290-mph mark. Quite frankly this all sounds like a load of bollocks, but we'd love to be proved wrong on this. Lyon contends that "the LM2 Streamliner is the first American hypercar that will counter the best performing and exclusive vehicles from Europe." If, and it's a Bugatti sized if, the Streamliner ever enters production, it will take place in New York, hence why a prototype will be unveiled in NYC next week. Check back next week for some live shots.

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