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Is This Wrecked Gallardo Worth $67K?

A sad-looking Lambo that you still can't afford.

A Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Spyder Performante is certainly a sweet prospect for a used car, especially one finished in a beautiful Rosso Mars paint. And with a current minimum bid of $67,000, it should have buyers lining up for a bidding war. But take a closer look at this sad example of a former Italian beauty. The Gallardo in question, almost brand-new with only 176 miles on the clock, is currently up for sale through Copart in Amarillo, Texas, after having been involved in what seems to have been a serious crash.

The Lambo now sports unsightly damage to the hood, front bumper and windshield. In addition, the rollover bars and airbags have been deployed. The seller estimates the repairs will cost at least $162,000, making this quite the expensive project car for a brave buyer. Is it worth the price, and the trouble?

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