Is This Zombie-Killing Eclipse The Craziest Custom Car Ever Sold On Craigslist?

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Rick from "The Walking Dead" would love it!

Craigslist is a gold mine for crazy custom cars. We've seen everything from a replica Lamborghini Diablo to a fake Bugatti Veyron put up for sale on the site. Now we have this: A custom 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse that is perfect for fans of "The Walking Dead" and those who think the end of the world is perpetually imminent. You know who you are. This car is being sold for $3,000 and is listed for sale in Greenville, South Carolina. So what does $3,000 buy you?

Good question! For starters, this isn't a normal '95 Eclipse, but you already knew that. It's lifted four inches and sits on mammoth 22-inch wheels wrapped in beefy off-road tires. It's powered by a Chevy small block 305 V8. According to the seller the Eclipse's off-roading credentials come from its "80s model Nissan 4x4 frame." And no, the gun isn't real. The good news is that this automatic Eclipse has a new alignment and a loud exhaust. The bad news is that the battery drains, the two front tires leak and the mileage is undisclosed. The end item is probably due to it being a Frankenstein car. It's still up for sale, in case you were wondering.

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