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Is Toyota Kissing Up To Jeremy Clarkson?

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Company says tribute video "is in no way an endorsement" of Clarkson's recent actions.

Following Jeremy Clarkson's very indiscreet departure from BBC's Top Gear last week, it seems many fans are taking his side and counting the seconds until he gets back on the air. But as turns out, it isn't only fans of the show who are finding it difficult to part ways with the popular, yet somewhat controversial, presenter. Even Toyota UK has decided to create its own farewell tribute to Clarkson, ending the video with a touching "Thanks for everything, Jeremy. It has been smashing.

However, after being criticized for the video, Toyota released a statement claiming that it "is in no way a comment on or endorsement of Jeremy Clarkson's recent action." So is Toyota really just saying goodbye to a friend or angling for better reviews on whatever his next show may be?

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