Is Toyota Serious About Turning the FT-1 into the Supra?

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Oh, do we hope so.

Toyota has once and for all proven it's finally grown a pair with its stunning FT-1 Concept. We're huge fans of its GT86/Scion FR-S, but the FT-1 has the bold styling the former lacked. The question, however, is not only whether the concept's dramatic lines will make production, but also if the car will receive the official green light? Toyota isn't saying much, but there has been some recent talk indicating that the FT-1 is indeed a preview of the next Supra.

AutoGuide has confirmed Toyota intends to send the FT-1 to production as the Supra. Jalopnik, however, wasn't so sure about that. It then reached out to its contacts at Toyota for comment. A spokesperson replied that the FT-1 is a design study only. That doesn't mean it's not the next Supra in concept form; only that it won't make production as is. In other words, Toyota is purposely being vague about this topic. But we're willing to place our bets that the FT-1 will one day soon evolve into a fully-fledged production Supra.

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